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5 typical romantic movies secretly in love with friends

5 typical romantic movies secretly in love with friends

5 typical romantic movies secretly in love with friends Romantic love movie There must be a time in life that many people will have to secretly love their own friends. Whether they are close friends, thinking dishonestly Or friends who are not close but circle close together, meet every day, study together, or maybe at the same office Or even The same house is oh my love is not disinterested. Today, the admin would like to introduce a typical romantic movie secretly in love with friends for many people to watch. Not sure, some stories may correspond to life until I have tears in my eyes. Or you can use a way of telling you love in movies in real life. What’s the matter? Let’s go read


Love, Rosie (2014)

Romantic love movie Rosie and Alex have been close friends since school days. When growing up The two of them opened their minds to associate with one another. Become a love advisor to each other. But still secretly watching each other’s love When graduating from high school Rosie misses her pregnancy. Therefore concealing not to let Alex know In order for him to continue to study While Rosie chose to raise the child and work. As time passed, Alec came back to know the truth. The two then adjusted their understanding. But still retains the status of friendship As time went on, their lives always met each other. Along with love that overflows the heart, but only stick to the word “friend”


One Day (2011)

The movie tells a story through 1 day of each year. Between Emma and Dester Emma is a nerd. Dezter was a cheerful young man. Despite being different, it is a friend who has passed the heat. Through the cold together No matter what problem the other party may have There will be one person who will give advice There may be some quarrels. But in the end it remains the same The events of different periods of their lives led them to discover that The love they find Always in front


Friend with Benefits (2011)

Jamie, a job recruiter who persuaded Delae to work for a famous magazine. After Dylan agreed to accept the job. The two became friends. Where did he go? Let’s go see and they get closer, but both of them suddenly have a prank. Want to have sex without commitment, not jealous, without knowing what the consequences will be.


No Strings Attached (2011)

Emma and Adam School friends who had a crush on each other before, but didn’t decide to go into a serious relationship. We meet again in working age. The two had sex with each other. Emma then set the rule that There will be no obligation. No cuddle No calling, dear There is no word that misses many things, which initially seemed to be good. But Adam always came to Emma. Come to take care often Therefore Emma felt uncomfortable Will Emma be grateful for Adam or not have to go after him?


What If (2014)

When “Wallace” pushes to fall in love with a close friend, “Santree” who already has a heart. But what can I do? I love it. In addition to looking at every angle, she seems to be everything right. This work, our male protagonist can do it, but secretly look secretly like to secretly love and love it.

To love someone who does not deserve love Just looking at this story, Pee Pam felt that It is happy to secretly love it as well.

Sometimes love doesn’t have to be much. Just giving a good feeling To one person This is just happy.


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