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Review Movie Dragons Race to the Edge Season 1

Review Movie Dragons Race to the Edge Season 1

Review Movie Dragons Race to the Edge Season 1  Why leave a five-year gap between the events depicted in Part 1 of your animated theatrical trilogy and the events depicted in Part 2? So you can squeeze a few television series into the empty space.

The first two “How to Train Your Dragon” movies (the most recent was released last year) were big hits for DreamWorks.

A third film is expected in 2018, but the “Dragons” phenomenon (which has also spawned video games, a stage show and more) is too hot to leave unexploited, and so the small screen is sprouting dragons as well.

The Cartoon Network had “DreamWorks Dragons,” and on Friday, Netflix brings out
“Dragons: Race to the Edge,” a 13-episode series featuring Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel),
Astrid (America Ferrera) and the rest of the familiar characters from Cressida Cowell’s books.

In the first film, Hiccup was a boy who discovered that dragons could be befriended.

In the second, he was a young adult. The television series have been set in the period between,
with “Race to the Edge” taking place a year before the events of the second film.

Among other things, that means Hiccup’s father, Stoick (Nolan North), who died heroically in the second film, is still alive, providing leadership to the people of the mythical land of Berk and gently steering his son to take over.

The new series, like the movies (especially “Dragon 2”), is fairly dark for
children’s fare. In the early episodes, viewers will see a scary attack by giant eels.

They’ll encounter an ominous dragon bone yard in a land where dragons are lured
to unpleasant deaths by a Siren-like song.

But the droll humor that makes Hiccup and his misfit pals so appealing is also much in evidence. So is their commitment to exploring.

The series is set in motion by Hiccup’s discovery of a mysterious collection of symbols and maplike images, and then it’s off to distant territories, with bad guys and beasts never far behind.

It’s fast-moving, sometimes too fast-moving, and grown-ups
(especially ones who watch “Game of Thrones”) may be reaching
a dragon saturation point, but restless younger viewers will no
doubt be glad they don’t have to wait till 2018 for more of Hiccup and friends.


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