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Reviews Honeydew horror movies characters in earnest

Reviews Honeydew There comes a time in many horror movies when you start to fear for the safety of the main characters in earnest, wondering on the side why they insist upon venturing down to creepy basements or act spectacularly nonchalant in the company of strangers exuding a sinister vibe.

But if the suspense is handled well with the support of plausible character development,

you go along with those questionable actions anyway.


Devereux Milburn’s perplexingly basic camping-trip-gone-wrong horror “Honeydew”

isn’t equipped with the kind of narrative or visual panache that earns your buy-in.


With heavy-handed and generic atmospheric cues such as an orange-tinted cinematography,

gross-out food-centric scenes, and an array of uncanny persons, this listless genre exercise

mostly plays like a film-school-spun tribute to

“The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” ดูหนังออนไลน์ with some “Hansel and Gretel” clumsily mixed in, but without a political or philosophical foundation to stand on.



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